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Car Repair mechanics in Milan
La miglior riparazione per le Vostre auto

Daytona is a car workshop specializing in mechanical repairs of motor vehicles

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Elettrauto - Daytona is a garage specializing in electrical repairs for cars of every make and model, Coupons car, replacing brake pads, service filters, air purification, wheel balancing

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Garage that repairs the bodycars - Auto body repairs with free estimates

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Car Repair Services in Milan Daytona

The Scalia Nicolò 's Daytona workshop was born more than 30 years ago and have along experience in the automotive field gained over the years together with a constant attention to the clients needs, is able to offer a highly professional service.
The Auto Repair Shop is equipped with the necessary equipment, measuring instruments, meters necessary diagnostic to perform with greater precision and accuracy can be any form of diagnosis, control and maintenance on the majority of vehicles on the market today.
Sure to be able to offer a service that meets your needs, we invite you to know us better.

Testing and Auditing

The Daytona garage carry out, with the help of certified equipment, all necessary controls to attest that the vehicle is safe and in compliance with the road rules even after the installation of new devices like LPG or CNG.
We offer a complete revision for any brand of vehicle.

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